15 Tips for your Wedding Day Photography

Hello! You may be here because you are a bride, love weddings or just genuinely curious on just WHAT can help make your wedding day photography experience go as smoothly as possible. I have been photographing weddings for a DECADE and have seen it all. Forgetting a wedding dress at home hours away…. dropping the wedding cake… awkward (and I MEAN AWKWARD) toasts/speeches. I can’t guarantee there won’t be hiccups but I can definitely help in the photography department and give a few tips on how to help your photo experience be the BEST possible.

  • Have the florist leave extra scrap pieces with your bouquets if possible. Sometimes they give a little extra punch to your detail shots and tie in the aesthetic of your wedding day decor.
  • Make sure all men have fresh hair cuts the week of wedding day. A fresh cut really makes a difference in photos and I recommend this in all photo sessions.
  • Hire professional hair and makeup artists. This really helps with timelines and helping you RELAX before the ceremony. Sit back and drink a mimosa…leave it to the professionals. This also makes a huge difference in portraits and really helpful in harsh weather conditions such as humidity and heat.
  • Treat yourself to new shoes if you want them incorporated in detail shots. Having a new pair of shoes really makes a difference in detail shots to avoid sweat stains, scuff marks and faded colors.
  • Do not use the plastic hanger that came with the dress. You don’t need a personalized expensive hanger. You can use a plain wooden one from the dollar store or Walmart! Just get the one with grooves for it to not slide off. There is nothing worse than photographing a gorgeous dress hanging up… but it is on a paper hanger. A wooden or customized hanger really elevates the shot!
  • Attempt to keep all personal belongings in a different room from where you are getting ready. When doing prep shots it is best to avoid all the clutter like bags, shoes, and lunch leftovers. I always look for one clean corner I can photograph you in! I don’t need a ton of space.
  • Make sure your family members you want in formal family portraits after the ceremony KNOW they have to be included. If you don’t remind them they will run out of that ceremony so fast and straight to cocktail hour. Then we waste time hunting them down or we just don’t get to give you that shot.
  • When standing at the alter during ceremony try and center yourself in the middle of arch. You are going to be so annoyed when you see you and your partner standing off to the left in every shot. Also don’t be afraid to touch your partner, hold their hand or show affection during ceremony so not every photo is you guys standing awkwardly apart looking bored!
  • When departing ceremony, wait til you get halfway down aisle with partner and kiss or cheer or something! It is a great photo opportunity!
  • Don’t overcrowd your reception with a ton of “events” or tasks. Reception FLIES by and you want more than just an hour to mingle and hang out with your guests casually.
  • Step aside for ten minutes of glowy light after dinner. These make the best portraits and really help expand your bridal portraits especially on tight timelines.
  • I need an hour for bridal portraits, bridal party portraits and family formals. If you don’t want to miss your cocktail hour I suggest doing a first look and completing majority of this before ceremony!
  • Have people put their phones away during ceremony. If I had a dollar for every time someone had their phones or even worse… the IPADS… in the middle of the aisle. I’m not even going to beat around the bush with this one. It straight up ruins your photos and if you are a guest… STOP. Your phone picture is not worth it.
  • Make sure you bring a portable steamer to wherever you are getting ready to get those wrinkles out of your dresses.
  • Last but not least. HAVE FUN. Don’t stress, fight, try and stay too busy… Just relax and enjoy your day. I want to give you happy, genuine, beautiful candids and I want them to be you enjoying your special day.

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