Richmond, VA Maternity Session| Forest Hill Park

When I received the inquiry from this mom to do her maternity session I knew it would be a stretch to make it work. My schedule was booked up through the end of the year and she was due in a couple of weeks! But we somehow found a small window of time on a Tuesday afternoon and OH MY GOD DID WE LUCK OUT. First of all we met at Forest Hill Park in Richmond Virginia and the weather wasn’t even cold… and this is coming after a BRISK weekend. THEN… I spotted the most massive orange tree where hardly any leaves had fallen off. In late November?! Come on. Luck!

As a mom of two toddlers, I know the drill. I know the songs we have to play and I know the dances that have to be done. At first their little boy was NOT interested at all in me. He kept running away from us and had zero interest in participating. Then all of a sudden I started saying his name in a really awful voice. Like I don’t know how to describe how horrible this pitch was. But it made him laugh. So I did it again. Then he REALLY started to laugh. So I did it over and over again and he laughed harder each and every time. I am talking about the biggest heartiest belly laughs to the point Mom and Dad couldn’t stop laughing! He couldn’t even stand up straight and kept falling over because he was laughing so hard.

Needless to say…. we got some great photos!

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