Family Walk at Richmond Canal Path| Richmond, Virginia Family Photographer

We met outside Casa Del Barco in Richmond, Virginia and were determined to walk off some toddler energy during the last hour of daylight on a hot July evening. I think what I enjoyed the most about this session is that their daughter was shy, stubborn and had zero interest in me taking her portraits. Now you are probably reading that like, “wait what?!” But it’s true! What sums up a toddler better than a word like stubborn? My goal when taking your family photos is not to show off some forced smile where we magically got a second they were looking at the camera… but to show your toddler in true form… but in the best possible way. She was a complete daddy’s girl this evening and you can tell she has him wrapped around her tiny little finger!

The only regret for this shoot is leaving the Canal Path in Richmond without a taco or margarita from Casa del Barco….

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  1. Robbyn says:

    This was great! First time having family photos taking and we love it!!

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