Esther and Chomingo| Lancaster, PA Elopement,

The very first morning she started volunteering at an arts center in El Salvador, Chomingo, who was teaching art classes, knocked on her door to grab her for a project they were starting. She immediately thought, “He is gorgeous!” Little did she know she would soon get a chance to impress him… over pasta sauce! One night their center was hosting a fundraising event and she volunteered to make the alfredo sauce. He took a taste and immediately felt like she was someone special! Talk about some fancy pasta sauce!

She got better with her Spanish and months later after building a friendship…. they began to date. Then soon became engaged and moved back to her home in Lancaster, PA. I had plans to photograph their wedding day with friends and family… but because of COVID, plans changed and they married while family watched it on live stream. We still really wanted to capture photos in their wedding day apparel so I made a weekend trip up to Lancaster, PA this past fall. Fun fact- Esther is my cousin! Her and her sister Naomi are twins and their brothers are twins also! We have four sets of twins in my family (including myself and my sister) all within a few years of age with each other. How cool!

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