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Growing up I was always surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents so the idea of “immediate family” was a foreign concept to me. It was always loud, chaotic and I LOVED it. I think that’s why I enjoy extended family photo sessions SO much. I always hear about photographers turning these sessions down and it is so funny to me because I thrive doing them and take on so many every year. One of my most frequent client groups is families visiting Lake Anna for family reunions and vacations who have decided to book a family photo shoot. This past week I shot two groups of extended families and it got me thinking how MORE families really need to take advantage of this concept and how many perks there are to booking this type of photo session.

So what is an extended family photo session? Typically a family photo session involves a parent or parents with their children. Extended family photo sessions include grandparents, aunts/uncles, adult siblings and their individual kids and partners. This could mean your group is 8-10 people or up to 30+ people! Does this sound like complete chaos and madness to you? It might seem like craziness in the moment or leading up to the session but I promise it’s not to me and so WORTH it when you view the final product. While I could go on about these for days… here are the five top perks to booking an extended family photo shoot.

  1. Saves everyone money.

Let’s be honest. Professional photography is an investment and a treat to experience whether you book with me quarterly, yearly, or every few years. When you book an extended family photo session with me I always tell the main client (whoever I am in communication with and have on contract) to encourage splitting the session with their siblings or parents. Everyone is going to go home with SO many images. You are receiving portraits of your children and immediate family unit along with photos of you and your siblings or parents so it’s truly like everyone is going home with their own little mini session plus some extra bonus images as well. The big advantage here is that you are not covering the cost by yourself.

2. It’s an excuse for your entire family to get together.

If you are including grandparents in this that’s enough reason to do this but when was the last time you got all the siblings, cousins, nieces/nephews together? Everyone is so busy these days that I love seeing big families make plans to go to brunch or dinner or have a cookout together after their photo session. So many times a grandmother has hugged me when the session is over thanking me for giving them a reason to have everyone in the same place.

      3. Gives you images that you wouldn’t have in a traditional photo setting.

      How fun to have images of your niece, nephews and your own children together? Or have images with your siblings now that everyone is grown up. When’s the last time you saw your parents have professional photos together? When I ask these questions to my clients at sessions the answers are always something among the lines of “never” or “since our wedding.”

      4. Easy gift

      This is by far the most popular reason an extended family photo session is booked. Parents have an anniversary coming up? Boom split it with your siblings and give it as a gift. Christmas present? Boom. Mom is DONE. Grandparents day? Don’t want to buy all of your siblings a gift this December? Split a session with your siblings and everyone is going home with a photo session for a fraction of the cost. I can send you a digital gift card even to print off and deliver!

      5. Big or small. Blood or not. It fits your family.

      Maybe your extended family consists of no siblings and just parents. Maybe no parents and a bunch of siblings. Maybe your extended family is four of your college best friends who all take a trip together every year. Maybe you LOVE your in laws and have both sides of the family together. Your family is who you make it and these sessions are truly just meant to capture your favorite people all in one place.

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