Julian|Year and a Half

As of today, April 7 2020, I’ve been a mom for a year and a half. I feel like I don’t even know “pre mom Debbie” some days. The “pre mom Debbie” that booked random trips to places like California and Florida for the heck of it and ate dinner out with friends on average 3 nights a week. Now, a trip requires months of planning and arranging babysitting and time with friends now includes a cute little boy named Juju.

Look. I thought I knew love. Then I had a son and a whole new meaning of love smacked me in my face. Lately, he grabs my face, with his sticky hands that usually smell like oatmeal or peanut butter, gives me the biggest toothy smile, giggles and says MWAH. 2 inches from my face. Sometimes, my heart drops when he catches me looking at him and he smirks at me with his little dimples and just starts LAUGHING. For no reason. Ugh I love this little boy!

This is his “what the heck is that” face
He LOVES his Guff Guff

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