Jaysheba and Deshawn Elopement| Hanover County Courthouse

I’ve known Jay T since I was a kid because she was my uncle, aunt, and mom’s friend from work and remember her always coming over to my grandparents house as a kid. Every cookout, pool party, holiday, and birthday…. she was there! My grandma gave her plates of food and she brought the laughs and good times. As I got older and became an adult she was always there through all milestones- big or small.

These type of friends are rare and I know this…. so she will always be family and have a place in our homes and hearts.

When I heard she was engaged my family all texted each other and shared the news and we were all so happy for her! We started chatting about venues and the size of her ideal wedding and all the details… even discussed destination weddings! So much was still up in the air, then one Thursday evening she called me. She asked me what I was doing THAT Saturday and said she was eloping in front of just a few family members and if I could come capture it on camera! A Leap Day elopement! Last leap day I shot an elopement in France so it only seemed fitting I saw my special friend elope on this Leap Day!

When we arrived… y’all it was SO COLD. We huddled in small herds to beat the wind and cold temps and joked that they picked the coldest day of month to get married! Their intimate ceremony was filled with laughter, inside jokes, tears and cheers from their family and friends and afterwards we snapped a few portraits before everyone ran to their cars for warmth.

So honored to have been there as a friend and a photographer and I wish them both a lifetime of happiness!

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