Not Your Mothers Photographer

When I first started to do photography as a profession, I took every job I could get.  I wanted to learn and shoot as much as possible!  From birthday parties, senior students, couples, weddings, families, babies…. to boudoir I got a TON of experience over the last few years.   Along the way, I developed my own style and look to my photographs despite pressure to fit into the “pinterest” era.  I don’t think people that aren’t in my industry quite understand what has come over the “creative” world over the last few years.  There are babies in fireman hats, cute couples sticking heads in empty frames, dogs with tiaras…. you name it.  In the beginning, I tried so hard to replicate those images my clients kept requesting they saw on Pinterest.   I tried to make the dog sit still in the tutu.  I desperately attempted to keep the baby from waking up in the big hat. I really did try to swallow my pride and agree that, “YES!  I love idea of you guys sticking your head into an empty frame and kissing” when I really just wanted to bang my own head against that empty frame.  Truth is… that stuff just wasn’t me.  It wasn’t even what I felt my clients REALLY wanted.  What made me feel something down deep was the messy chocolate grin on the kids face before Mom noticed.  Your husband’s grin when you started that dorky giggle you have when you are nervous.  The toys that are scattered all over the living room with the dog jumping around when I first arrived.  I LOVE those moments.  I would want those moments captured as part of my family’s history.  I would want to look back and remember every. single. one of those moments. The cereal on the floor and the toddler having a meltdown are what I want to capture.  Not some pose or idea I found on Pinterest.  Yes.  The dog in the tutu is adorable. So keep the dog in the tutu but let her run around the yard and chase the kids.

I think about how far we have come.  When mom got professional photos of us, it consisted of getting in the most itchy and miserable dress and sitting in front of a white backdrop while an old man told me to “say cheese.” Guys.  It is 2016! Times have changed. I want you to leave the session feeling empowered. Let’s embrace the chaos.  Let’s enjoy the moments happening now.


I’m not your mothers photographer.  But I sure am proud of what I am capturing.


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