Fredericksburg, VA: Casey and Emma

Emma and I have been best friends for.. going on 11 years. Gosh. I actually had to use my fingers for that one.  We don’t really have anything in common except for our love of food, comfy blankets, and lazy afternoons.  We used to have a lot in common back in high school when our whole lives were marching band, boys, and getting good grades.  But now, we are 23 and 24 and have grown into our own person.  I used to worry and think it was a bad thing.  I worried we wouldn’t have anything in common and wouldn’t like hanging out anymore.  I was so wrong!  She likes music I have never even heard of and it makes me want to put a pillow over my ears.  I like music that makes her stare at me confused while she tries and understands the lyrics. She likes drinking beer at trendy bars downtown and I like drinking wine coolers on the couch. She is a nurse and I am a photographer.  We want different things in life…. but we do want one thing that we can agree on. For each other to be happy and loved.

Emma has been dating Casey for a while now and since Casey and us don’t live in the same city… I don’t get a chance to hang out with him a lot.  During their photo session my goal was to capture how happy they were together.  I think they made my job pretty easy.  Casey never stopped staring at her with a proud grin and Emma never stopped giggling.  I like to think of this day as the day I started to think of Casey as family.

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