Marianne and Joe, Engaged!

So lately I feel like a lot of my blog posts have kept it real. Whether it was rain, cold weather, temper tantrums, wind, or all of the above, sometimes we just have to kick life back in its butt and find the beautiful. So this is another example of beating the odds…. or really somewhat giving in.  The plan was to meet in Old Town Manassas for half the session then head over to the battlefields for the last portion.  Yeah. Well traffic kicked our butts so we decided to meet at the battlefields…. yet traffic was still kicking Joe’s butt.  We didn’t all finally get TOGETHER until over an hour after we were supposed to.  According to the sunset time on my iPhone we had 20 minutes to shoot. 20 minutes. Yep. Now I don’t know what happened but I went into ninja mode and I ended up getting over 80 images I wanted to keep of them in 20 minutes. Yeah they were just that adorable.  But still, I really wanted them to have the entire engagement experience so we agreed to do a second session in Old Town Alexandria.  But of COURSE….. something had to happen.  It rained the ENTIRE time we shot in Alexandria. THE ENTIRE TIME.  Yet…. they still rocked it out and looked incredible.

You guys. I am pretty convinced that Marianne and Joe can conquer anything.

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