The Renner Crew: Lake Anna Family Session

I am keeping it real on the blog today. You are about to see a typical toddler in his prime.  Beware.

It is hard to believe how fast kids grow.  Tyler isn’t even my child and every time he shows up to a session, I am thinking, “whoah who is this tall kid?”  See, I photographed him when he was IN the womb!!!!  Flashback: Kristen’s maternity session was perfection. Then ALL of the other sessions in his short little life were just as perfect.  In the late fall, we headed to Lake Anna State Park for their session, and of course we were all running late.  The sun was escaping and I started getting anxious that we wouldn’t have enough life to make it work.  The shoot was filled with temper tantrums and a fast toddler, yet we looked through the pictures and fell in love with all of them.  These people are not my clients. They are FAMILY.  I know what works for Tyler, how to get Jackson’s attention and how to calm Kristen down and make her feel special.  It isn’t just me booking photo sessions with them, it’s an entire experience.

I usually don’t blog the out takes and silly photos….. but this is the period of life they are in. Temper tantrums, meltdowns, and tears.  I think it deserves to be recognized as much as any of the other phases and I can’t thank Kristen enough for trusting me with this.

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Reality kicks in….

debbieringlephotography-6020debbieringlephotography-6040PicMonkey Collage
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