Debs Clean Journey | Week One

I am SO excited yet nervous to share this post because it means something EXCITING has begun. Exciting… yet challenging.  But aren’t the best things in life like that?  As most of you know I am a huge advocate of self esteem and loving yourself.  I could go on for days about why this is so important but that’s a whole different blog post! I truly believe that accepting your flaws and embracing who you are are the first two steps to loving who you are.  I have been blessed with a high self esteem and a healthy attitude towards who I am but lately I have been really wanting to make some changes for the better.  I didn’t want a fad diet or a “quick fix.” I wanted to make changes and learn something I could carry with me for the rest of my life!  So I hired Jen Shiflett.  Jen Shiflett is a lifestyle coach and personal trainer and pretty much stands for EVERYTHING I believe in!!

Last week we met and got real with each other.  Man it was eye opening! We made some goals, created some plans and it started!  This past week I was given a circuit workout to do 3-4 times a week and was given one food goal: EAT THREE MEALS!

I had no idea how hard that would be but when I looked at my food diary for the week before this, it was so sad.  No breakfast… hardly any lunch, and pretty much everything in my kitchen from 5pm-midnight.  I was eating hardly any veggies or fruit…. hardly any water. It was so sad and a huge wakeup call! So she gave me a plan and wanted me to eat a breakfast, lunch,  dinner and lots of veggies and fruit! Of course there were specifics with how much protein, carbs etc…. but it was a plan!

The workouts were brutal. I left the gym with more sweat than I ever had in my life!!! I have to say honestly the first day was very discouraging.  But I hung in there and this past week I walked my dog a LOT and did the circuit workouts.  They are still brutal but at least I don’t feel like I have to die…. as much.

But you are probably wondering by now why I am sharing all of this with you…. and it’s because I want to share this journey with you guys! Partly so all of you out there going through the same thing can share advice with one another and also so I can keep myself accountable since you will be expecting a blog post each week 🙂

This time next week I will be sharing progress with weight, eating habits, and exercise. 🙂


Changes so far:

  • can’t eat junk without a horrible stomach ache
  • no fast food, the smell even makes me sick
  • drinking more water but still not enough
  • look less bloated but haven’t done a weigh in yet!


Things to Improve on from this past week:

  • still not enough protein in mornings
  • didn’t get enough circuit workouts in for the week (I have to rethink my schedule when planning things!)
  • I need to be drinking more water during the day
  • Be more serious about the sleeping situation… not getting enough 🙁

Goals for this week:

  • Reach my 100 oz of water each day
  • Be better about getting my protein in at each meal
  • Resist the snacking urge in evenings
  • Walk the dog for 30 minutes every day this week (I get busy!)
  • Have a positive attitude towards the circuit workouts

Can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!!!!




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