Thad and Kristen | Fredericksburg, VA Maternity Session

It was finally the day of their maternity session and the skies were sunny and the air was warm… Yeah then it got time for their session and of COURSE the skies turned a dark gray and the temperature dropped about ten degrees.  OF COURSE.  We didn’t really have room to reschedule because this mama was about to POP and was already having contractions so we went ahead and headed to our meeting location. God was looking out because the clouds held all that rain in for us until our session was over.  Despite the lack of glowy sun…. their smiles and laughter made it feel like it was a sunny warm day. 🙂

Since I suck lately at blogging due to an overload of sessions this spring…. this post is a little delayed and they are NOW parents to a beautiful baby boy. 🙂

Take a peek at their session!

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