Empower, Embrace & Enjoy: BARE

As I write this first blog post to my new Empower, Embrace & Enjoy series, I am finding it hard to use the right words.  This is such an important subject to me and I hope that as you read these weekly posts from here on out it becomes just as important to you.  Growing up, I have battled endless insecurities and a low self esteem.  This is something that will be touched on throughout my series in better detail, but let’s just say…. Guys I have BEEN there.  I have been in that spot where I looked in the mirror and felt invisible.  I have felt dumb. I have been sad… I have been lonely.  If you are sitting there and thinking, “I have never felt that way…” Sorry but I don’t believe you.  We all know what it feels like to just be “unwanted” or not “good enough.”

A few years ago, I felt the need to wear tons of makeup and straighten my crazy mane to feel pretty.  I am talking thick foundation, lip gloss, and eye makeup.  I looked in the mirror bare and just saw someone unattractive.  Now, as you read this I don’t want the message to get twisted. There is NOTHING wrong with wearing makeup.  If you like wearing makeup, doing your hair, dressing up, and getting fancy… GIRL continue to kill it. But if that is the ONLY way you feel like you deserve love and respect…. please. Come hang out with me for the day because we are going to shake that attitude off.  You deserve and NEED to feel gorgeous when you are in those ratty yoga pants and baggy yard work t-shirt.  You should be able to yank that hair out of a pony tail and feel like a goddess.  You should be able to wash your face with makeup off and smile in the mirror.  This doesn’t just go to women either… Men deserve to feel EMPOWERED with a blank slate.  Hair product, nice clothes, or an expensive outfit shouldn’t be the only solution.

I hosted the first Triple E Workshop a few weeks ago and I made it a requirement that the first session would be done in a laid back outfit with no hair or makeup done.  The point of this was to show girls, “Hey don’t forget who YOU are.  Don’t forget what is so gorgeous about that face.”

What about you?  Can you honestly look in the mirror and say, “WHOAH. I am gorgeous, stunning, and perfect” when you are absolutely bare?  I challenge YOU to do that next time you are in your natural state. Whip out that phone and look at yourself in the camera.  Take a peek in the mirror in your car. Just look at yourself and focus on the natural beauty that is starting back at you.

CHALLENGE:  Yep. I am taking it to the next level.  I want you to take a picture of yourself today or this week even of you with NO makeup on and with your hair undone.  Next, post it on Instagram or Facebook and say a reason you are beautiful without all of the extra!  Use the hashtags #empowerembraceenjoy #drpbeauty and #EEEbare

Later this week I am going to go through the hashtags.  ANYONE who posts and uses those three hashtags will get some sweet and motivating snail mail from me!

Take a look at these flawless ladies and their BARE shoot.

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YEP! I did it too!IMG_3219

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