Slinky Sammie Meets the Beach

The other day my boyfriend gave me an EPIC surprise.  He called me on his “lunch break” and said, “How perfect is this weather? Wouldn’t it be a great day to go to the state park?”  I replied, “Yeah it would… wish you were off early.”  Well ten seconds later, I discovered him and our basset/lab mix Sammie in my driveway with Chick fil a! He surprised me with a day off and said we were going to Westmoreland State Park for the day.  That is OUR park.  I love it there and have wonderful memories with him there so now that we have a cute dog…. I was so excited to see her reaction when we got to the water!

If you want to see more of my sweet pup let me know and I will blog more about her!  Check out her hashtag on instagram #slinkysammie 🙂 If you like Toy Story, you can appreciate the name!


PicMonkey Collage


IMG_7176PicMonkey Collage

IMG_7249IMG_7255PicMonkey Collage


My babies!!!!!

PicMonkey Collage


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