My clients become my family.  Maybe it’s just me and I’m the one who gets a little attached… but it’s true!  When it comes time for my fall minis it’s like a big family reunion around here! The kids tell me their most recent accomplishment in school, the moms ask me about my dog, the dads chat with me on the recent NFL scandal… before I know it the session is over and we wave goodbye! But not before I get my selfie with them first! It really is so important for me to bond with each of my clients because I want your photos to be an experience… not just a service.  My philosophy is to treat my clients with love and respect and in return they give me the most honest and genuine form of themselves.  When they do this, I capture real moments and a special glimpse of the past, that hopefully one day will be shown to generations to come after us.

My slogan is Empower, Embrace & Enjoy because that defines the experience I want to give each and every one of you.  I want to give you the tools to walk away feeling empowered, help you embrace the flaws and chaos we try to ignore, and in the end you will enjoy what is happening “now”.